Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review of Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona Blue/ Photo story sneak peek. :3

Sorry I know I'm super late on this review. but here we go.  If you want to know how i got this doll click this link here:

                                                                      Here She Is!

                                                                             A  close up.

                                                                      Here's a full view.

                                    Her accessories: Her purse, Make up compact, ICoffin, and Brush. And of course she came with a stand and a collector's card with her artwork on it.
                                                                            Her Box.

                                                           Now it's time for the complaints....
                                                      There is chipping her left arm and....
                                                      She has also got chips on her left hand.

Now to get into the details of the doll....
                                            She has a Electric Blue, fish net, arm warmer.
                                               Her dress bodice has a Sweet Heart neck line. The material is blue sea weed                                              and bubbles. she has a blue belt with a pink starfish as a fake belt buckle.

                                                  On her left wrist she has a pearl and seashell charm bracelet.

                                                      She has a pink Seashell with a pearl in it as a hair band.
                                              Pink wedge sandales with a pearl on the thong.
 Here is a view from the side of the shoes so you can see the shape.

                                         In her right ear she has a pearl, and seahorse dangle earring.
                                               In her left ear is a Pearl Stud earring.

                                                 She has a layered Necklace.

                                                      Here is a look at her Pretty  face.

                                                    The Lagoona I got second hand.
                                             I just wanted to show the Bun I did in her hair.

                                                     Here's a view from the side.

Here is a sneak peek photo from the up coming photo story:

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